Planned Parenthood, I’d like to introduce you to someone…

I’d like to introduce you to someone. She is one of the strongest people I know. In every sense of the word, she is a miracle. Her name is Charli Sophia and she is two years old. 


Charli is my second cousin. Her mother, Mallory, is my first cousin. I remember hearing the news that Mallory was expecting. I was overjoyed! I was also expecting with my second child. Mallory was that wonderful mother who documented every step of her pregnancy with crafty chalkboard announcements. It was adorable. I secretly longed to be cute too, but it was child number two and I really just wanted to make it through the day with my Icee. See how sweet this is:


This would be the last chalkboard sign that Mallory decorated for Her pregnancy journey. Just a few short days after this was taken, Mallory, after complications, delivered a very tiny Charli Sophia at 23 weeks. Our daughters-second cousins-who were expected to be five months apart were now only separated by four short weeks. I do not pretend to speak to you as someone who has experienced the kind of fear and anxiety that comes from a journey like this. I’ve only watched and prayed from the sidelines. 

I can speak of facts. Like, Charli was just over 1 pound when she was delivered. Her precious head, the size of a golf ball and her entire body able to fit in the palm of your hand. 


I can speak of the incredible team of doctors, nurses and specialists that literally fought for this little one for months. They fought to help her breathe, help her eat, help her feel comfort, help her live.  A great deal of medical intelligence was exhausted on seeing this little girl survive and thrive. I can speak of her parents – the strength, the faith, oh, the faith! Their days were long, hard, exhausting. Every breath Charli took must have seemed like a milestone that allowed you to catch your own breath for a brief moment. By the divine sovereignty of God, the Creator, and this amazing team of Medical Professionals, Charli not only celebrated cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A yesterday, but she NEVER  REQUIRED a surgery. This is miraculous. A TRUE story of survival, bravery and strength. Charli is a survivor. She is a miracle. She is a blessing. She is a gift.

Twenty three weeks. A week shy of the “legal” gestation period to abort an unborn child. Down the road from charli’s ICU pod, others in the medical field would be performing abortions on children the same age as this precious little one here. Only a few miles separated a place people spent every effort to save a life from those that sought to extinguish one. 

I may say something shocking here. I am not surprised about the recent findings regarding Planned Parenthood. I find it evil. Disgusting. Repulsive. But not shocking.  

My heart aches. I despise that I’m not shocked. 

After proof of these atrocities, can we all just man up and call abortion what it really is? 

It’s killing babies. It’s taking life. It’s murder. We ALL know this. For anyone to deny it, is unreasonable. Use scientific and medical jargon all you want. In the footage thats been posted to social media it’s admitted that HUMAN organs are being harvested, placed on a “menu”, collected and surgically sought after & removed and SOLD. For the organs to be “human” they must come from what? A HUMAN. it’s not hard to understand. I’m even trying to be simplistic in stating this. 

When someone unwantingly takes a child’s life from the womb of a mother, we call it horrific. We call it murder. People are held responsible. When a mother chooses to take the life of her unborn child we call it choice and redefine that child a fetus. Definitions seem to make or break the difference between attempting to save the life of a child or being allowed to take the life away. Definitions. Terms. Qualifications. Personal opinion and preference.

If we are going to continue to act ignorantly for the sake of political correctness let’s be thorough.  When you miss your period, do NOT go and purchase a Pregnancy Test. You are NOT pregnant. By definition, to be pregnant is “having a child or other offspring in the body, with child or young, as a woman or female mammal.” If it is not a child inside of you, but a fetus or blob of cells and tissue, then by definition you cannot be pregnant. Whew, what a relief! 

Liberals might want to invest in developing a Fetus Test. I suppose we will one day even have to defrentiate when asking a woman about her growing abdomen. “Oh how nice! Are you pregnant or are you just expecting to pass tissue?” 

It sounds ridiculous because it is. 

Bottom line: life is precious. No matter it’s length. No matter it’s form. No matter if it has extra chromosomes. No matter if it was planned or unplanned. It is precious because the Sovereign God breathed His very breath of life into it, at conception

Charli is a flourishing, beautiful little two year old who keeps her parents on their toes! She is all those things because SHE was a fighter, even at 23 weeks, and because people fought for her and God chose to heal and grow her body. 

I may have zero medical experience but I choose to join the fight for these unborn children. 


3 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood, I’d like to introduce you to someone…

  1. Michael Wheeler says:

    Beautiful story. A human being and a tissue mass cannot exist in the same body. You either are or you’re not. Can’t be both. You’re either wanted by your Mom or you’re wanted by someone else (or wanted by your self). Can’t be both. Look what we’ve taught other humans… that WE aren’t expendable, but THEY are. We are They.

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